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Outdoor Seating Gallery

Sustainable outdoor seating gallery please see Robert’s Outdoor Seating Portfolio Page for more details on the design concept.

Robert a contestant on Philippe Starck’s ‘Design For Life’ television program

Robert Richardson has been selected by the TwoFour Production company, and then by Philippe Starck himself to be a contestant on the BBC2 television program ‘Design For Life’ set in Paris. Read more…

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Plant Stand Gallery

Birchwood Plant Stands gallery: please see Robert’s Plant Stands Portfolio Page for more details on the brief and the designs.

Robert currently undertaking a Masters degree

Following his interests in sustainable / eco design, Robert is now undertaking an MSc in Sustainable Design and Innovation at the University of Derby. Due to be completed in March 2012.

Robert due to exhibit at 100% Design exhibition 2009

Robert Richardson is planning to exhibit at the 100% Design exhibition, alongside 5 other contestants from Philippe Starck’s ‘Design for Life’ television program. Read more…

Design for life episode 1

Rob Richardson stars in episode one of six of the BBC reality documentary ‘Design for life’. Read more…

Design for Life Intro

Internationally renowned designer Philippe Starck throws open the doors to a new design school in order to find the next great British designer of the 21st century. Read more…

Robert Richardson – Design Featured in FX Magazine

Robert Richardson was pleased to see that his ‘Outdoor Seating to Disperse Rainwater’ Design was featured in the July 08 edition of the FX Design Magazine. Read more…

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Seat Concept Gallery

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